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What Image Do You Have In Your Mirror?


In my previous post as well as in this topic tagged “Knowing Who You Are: Indepth Revelation”, We established how we can define ourselves using the right measure “THE WORD OF GOD”. But do you know that accessing the word of God is not sufficient to activate the real “YOU”?

The word of God without doubt is our mirror but our mind must agree with the “image” the mirror presents to us. Many times we get hold of amazing and thrilling visions about the future but the state of our mind belittles the vision. Our mind do not conform to God’s accreditation. For instance, in God’s word, we have been declared healed by His stripes but many of us still celebrate and nurse sickness. In God’s word we have been librated but many of us still lies at the mercy of addiction and oppression simply because we refuse to agree with what God says.

Faith is a vital asset to possess if you truly want the real “YOU” pictured in your mirror a reality. You can not speak of faith and yet you are not acting it. Your actions must compliment your confession. Your actions must compliment every revelation you access. Acting based on the image you picture in the scripture is what gives you access to the real “YOU”. Is it possible to conquer a mountain you still see as high? Is it possible to access an inheritance you do not see as yours?

What have you seen? Do you believe it? Are you acting it or you are still trying to weigh it on your scale of unbelieve? What ever you believe must be displayed by your actions else you will never see it realization. What do you see? A king? Are you acting like one?

Your faith must be strong enough to deliver the reality of what you have in your mirror. God’s word says eyes have not seen hears have not heard what God has reserved for those who love Him and when we read this we jump up, spin around shouting “Asher” but when storms of life hits us or when the vision tarries we begin to doubt like Uncle Thomas. Many of us question the promises of God when we are not seeing the manifestation. We often forget that to everything there is a time and a season. Evangelist Benny Hinn once said (paraphrased) “what ever makes you doubt an encounter simply means the encounter never occurred”. Likewise, what ever makes you doubt what God’s word says about you means you have not seen it. If for sure you know that you know that you know that what you accessed in God’s word was a genuine encounter and not a flub then your heart should remain fixed.

Dear reader, what image do you have in your mirror? What future have you painted from the scriptures? What do you see about “YOU”.

Your future lies at the mercy of the image you picture. The result your life is producing today is the outcome of what you have been seeing. You can never be better than what you see. There is a force backing our sight so until you start seeing well, your life remains lame. God has embedded so much power on our sight such that we are empowered to live out what we see. If your life is contrary to what you think you saw it is because you are still doubtful about what you have seen.

God has reserved so much amazing inheritance for us, He has settled everything that we need for His glory to be seen through us. If you are reading this then this moment should bring an end to doubt, self pity and low thinking. God has planned for you to soar so you must see the great heights orchestrated for you and begin to act like it.