We Are Petty Because Of The Petty Activities We Engaged In

We have made ourselves petty because of the petty things we engage in. Someone so petty comes to gossip with you and because you are more petty you are comfortable with the petty person bringing petty matters before you.

The scriptures says “we will be known by the fruit we bear”. If you have strong morals and standard principles no petty person will table before you petty talk. It is the standard that you lay that people around you build on. You can not exhibit traits of a swine and expect to attract pearls.

The reason why that person you see as beneath your standard can insult and disrespect you is because you present yourself as a low life. Can you see how low you have made yourself? You claim to be a Royal Priesthood but is there any traits of Royalty in you? Your comportment, your stand and your company all defines your person. What ever you attract is simply what you are.

You have heard over and over again that you can never be better than the company you keep. But has it ever struck your mind that no one wants to associate with a petty entity except the person is petty. No one really wants to associate with a petty being but are you not petty?

Who exactly is petty?

Gone are the days when a man’s standard is weighed by his monetary asset and material possession. Gone are the days when people with monetary value are served and praised. In this century men with good character are the men of class and status. Men with high moral value and outstanding principles are the men of influence. If you live like person next to you then what makes you different from that person. If you have weak traits and values then what makes you so relevant in your world.

Many of us have joined the human butcher’s hub. We spend half our time butchering the destiny and career of people who do not even know that we exist. Many today are wearing the skin of a Chameleon they display a white skin when before someone but turns black immediately the person leaves. Who on earth are you deceiving? Have you for once wondered why your life remains stagnant while others are progressing? It is simply because you invest your energy in something less profiting.

Dear reader, look thoroughly into your life. Are you living below the standard of your life? This is not about being a gossip. Being petty is living by the secondary and not the primary. Being petty is settling for a second class when you were made for a first class. It is time for you to build yourself. If truly you want to stay long in the palace.