Top 10 Nigerian Christian Movies You Need To Watch In 2022

The secular movie industry has makes the Christian faith base movie ministry as if it does not exist. Due to the high volume of people watching secular films on a daily basis, at home, schools and many public places. Meanwhile, there are many faith base films available for our spiritual growth and development.

Many Christians children grew up watching secular movies which has done more damages to their faith in Christ and even to the minds. Growing up many do not have the opportunity to come across Christian films instead, many had to watch film that are filled with all kind of demons, watching porn and other stuff or ideals that derogate the Christian faith. Thank God for the Nigerian christ base film like the great Mount Zion Film, PVO Film, Fejosbaba film and many other christ like film ministry. They’re doing good jobs by producing films that are filed with the spirit of God.

Below are ten (10) best selected gospel movies in Nigeria that you must watch before the end of 2022. These film are top-notch. As you watch them, don’t forget to share with your neighbor.

The Train is a true life story of Mike Bamiloye. A powerful movie that tells the story about he was mysteriously born. Growing up was very a very big challenge as he lost his parents at a very tender age. As a little child he had the spirit of stubbornness, however God eventually delivered him. As an adult the challenge never stop as had to struggled in making decisions concerning his education and even the decision on whom to married. To watch this movie check here now.

This is another mount zion film. It’s all about Olayiotan aka Abejoye whom had tormented the community with his evil power, he was a dangerous man, no one could withstand him in the society. Eventually, he got converted, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and saviour. Nevertheless, those he had done evil to in the past begin to hunt him, in several occasions God gave him victory. His community people were still scared of Olayiotan as they see him more powerful then before. He explained to them in several occasions that he no longer do evil and that they should join him to accept Christ. However, they still find it difficult to believed him. There are more to this story, you will have to watch it on Damilola Mike-Bamiloye’s youtube channel.

Another faith base film by the Fejos Baba film ministry headed by Femi Adebile. Kembe Isonu is a film that demonstrate the power of Jesus Christ in a community by two young brother.

“Gbenro were driven out of the village where their parents who were missionaries were. in search for emancipation they got caught by a hunter named Ewekoro who was curious about the God of their fathers”. Learn more about Kembe Isonu on Fejosbaba tv.

The movie Shackles, writing by Mike Bamiloye is a battle on its own. The name has suggest pretty much about it. Shackles is another christian film for every christian home to watch. Watch Here

Abattoir is a movie that reveal how desperate some men are to use their family as sacrifices just to attain a certain position in the societies and wealth. This is a story of a man call Chief Durosanya who killed his wife and used her for sacrifice. I would not be able to give more details about this movie. However, it’s still very much available on Damilola Mike-Bamiloye’s Channel.

A story of a young lady who was sexually abused at her tender age. She eventually find her self in prostitution and she find it very difficult to forgive as she determined to kill and destroy. Click here for more information about the Last Man Standing.

Her previous relationships didn’t work out and Magdalene just had to protect her current relationship by all means. So, she tells several lies just to protect her relationship. She got married and eventually, her marriage begin to shack. I highly recommend this film to young singles and those that are in a relationship as well as married couples. Learn more about the movie here

This is another true life story that happened in Karaki Town in Kebbi State. A very small town, not even recognize on the state map. They’re predominantly Christian. One day young school girls were going for an excursion and they were kidnapped by some hoodlums. Click here to learn more
Written and directed by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye
Produced by Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye, Executive Producer NCCF Kebbi State

Gbemi is all about relationship. I think this should be one of the best relationship movie young christian need to watch. There is a lot to learn from this Gbemi of a thing. In my opinion, this is the number relationship movie for every young persons. Learn more

Group of young them who engaged in internet fraud, popularly known as yahoo. Its occurred that their victims no longer pay and so they consulted an old man who helped them to do ritual. Their end is not something to be happy about. Click Here To Watch Legion by Mount Zion Film Ministry.

In Addition, as at the time of writing this article the Nigerian gospel music ministry the Mount Zion film announces a released of another true life story, a bio epic story of pastor Enoch Adeboye. The general overseer of the redeemed Christian Church of God this was also announced on pastor adeboye’s Instagram page which shows that the biopic movie has been endorsed by man of God. Nevertheless the film is not yet released however we are asked to anticipate for it hopefully in a few weeks time it will be out this movie is titled ENOCH.

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