The Watchman An Important Personality In Every City

From the ancient documentary we learnt that every territory do have a watchman. The duty of a watchman is simply to oversee the exterior of the city just to alert the people when danger is approaching the city. According to the tradition if the watchman fails to notify the people in the city of the danger ahead and they become victim’s, the blood of the victim’s are required from the watchman. What does this mean? It means the watchman is the sight of the City. It means the watchman is responsible for the welfare of the people. It means the existence of the people lies in the hands of the watchman. It means the watchman is the savior the people depend on. It means without a watchman the people are not safe. It means without a watchman the people in the city are restless and on their way to perdition.

What is the relationship between the City watchman and us? Ezekiel 33:1-10.

Everyone of us are watchman over our territory. At every point and anywhere we find ourselves we have being assigned a watchman over that territory. The destiny of people in that territory at that moment is in your hands. The salvation of the people in that territory is at your mercy. Now, my question is “ARE YOU DOING YOUR JOB AS A WATCHMAN?” Many of us are obviously negligent towards our duty. We do not go around with the sense of responsibility over the territory we step our feet on. Many have become so comfortable with the immoralities in the territory we find ourselves. As watchman we are carried away with the wild life of the people in the territory we are. An adage says “The person people are looking at do not become an onlooker”. But many of us as watchman have been an onlooker for long, as a result exposing the people to attack. Many watchman have become a victim of their own negligence towards their duty, they have also joined the people going to perdition. We can not differeniate between a watchman and the city people. The watchman who should be an example in the city has been subjected to being a sample for the city.

The position of a watchman is not for the irresponsible. Watchman is not a title to desire if you are not thoroughly disciplined. The watchman title is not derived, it is earned (Psalm 2:8). Many claim to be a watchman when they do not know their way to the watchtower. Many are not equipped with the required gadget to watch over the city. So when winter or sunmer comes you see them feeble. As a watchman over your territory you must be ready to stand the test of time. As a watchman over the territory God as assigned to you, you must equip yourself prayerfully. Your duty as a watchman is not just to preach the gospel of repentance to the people but you must also pray them into salvation. As a watchman how many times have you intercede or minister the word to people in your territory? Be it your family, school, office, village e.t.c. As a watchman can people read you and see Christ? As a watchman can people see you and reflect for a change of life? How much influence do you have over the people in your territory? How much can you influence your territory? Being an undutiful watchman look at what is said about you “Proverbs 25:19, 27”.

Peradventure as a dutiful watchman you are feeling discouraged and weak, please do not be. Be strong and be of good courage. Brace up. Take up the duty always have the reward in view, know that your labor is not in vain.

Dear reader, you do not need a special commissioning to take up your duty as a watchman. Are you a wife, mother, father, Clergy, Teacher or any field, that is all you need to be a watchman. Get busy with your duty!