The Spirit Of Excellency In Our Life

Excellence is a crucial life skill we must possess. Infact if we want our life’s to have taste and value we must pursue excellence. Excellence is a fragrance that keeps a man relevant. It is a pleasant fragrance that makes news and not noise. People who are not relevant are not sought-after. If you desire to be an asset to be sought-after you must go for excellence.

Excellence is an exceptional application of an outstanding knowledge. If you will agree with me knowledge has levels and our attitude towards the knowledge we have also has class. This is what place the demand on every man. Understand that the depth of the knowledge you possess is not sufficient to deliver excellence. It is applying it in an outstanding way that produces excellence. If you study the way of excellent men, you will notice that what they have done is not different from what a regular person would have done but they chose to do it in an outstanding way. Now, note the word “chose”. Dear reader, excellence begins with a choice. Just as financial prosperity do not answer to principles or prayers so also excellence does not answer to principles. Having quality principles without applying them in a distinct way those not add up. What is the essence of what you know without applying it in an unusual way? If you do not know please know “people are tired of seeing the usual way”.

Many today desire excellence but only few are ready to take a step further to know what it takes to be excellent. Now, you already have an idea on how to furnish a furniture but have you ever thought about how to ensure your work is different from others? No doubt you know how to design but have you ever gone extra mile to ensure your designs comes out different from what others have being doing? Many of us are co-tenant with mediocrity and yet we desire excellence. Many of us are in partnership with procrastination and yet we desire excellence. Many of us rob minds with inconsistency and yet we desire excellence. It is better you wake up. If what I do is what you do what then makes you an excellent personality. If the pattern of my life is similar to yours then what makes me an excellent personality.

Excellence is a virtue. You must make a choice for it to be a part of you. “Anything that is worth doing is worth doing well”. If you and I continue to give this approach to what ever we do then we will excel. When our life is opened to many alternatives we remain altered that is why it is an alternative. If truly you desire excellence please do not negotiate for it. How much can you pay to get excellence?