Similarities And Differences Between The Nigeria Voters Card and National Identity Card

Identify card and voters card has being serving as means of identification and as well as mean of voting in most developed and developing countries today. The human race has being increasing every day and there is need to be able to identify individuals in our societies and also the identity card helps in identifying individuals origin and position in the society. And the voters card as well became necessary as human race need credible leaders to govern the society for sustainable development.

Now we can see how important these two cards are in our various societies. Nevertheless, many Nigerians didn’t know the differences and similarities between these two. Infact, some do not know how important the National Identity Card and the Voters card are, so they useless them. Below are the major differences, similarities and their important. Check it out below and enjoy the moment.

What Is National Identity Card (NIC)?

This is simple a physical valid means of identification in Nigeria, given by the Federal government of Nigeria. This card has a unique numbers call National Identification Number (NIN).

What Is Permanent Voters Card (PVC)?

This is a permanent voters card given by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for voting during election in Nigeria. This is call PVC because, when and individual registered, he/she would be given a temporary voters card first before the PVC.

Differences Between Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and National Identity Card (NIC)

1. PVC can be use for voting during an election in Nigeria. It can be use to vote out and vote in any political candidate. It helps us to exercise our civil right
2. PVC can be use as a mean of identification in banks in Nigeria. Infact i had used it for internationally to verified my identify online. So interestingly, the voters card can substitute or compliment the National Identity Card.


The National Identity Card can only be use as a mean of identification in Nigeria. However, in the absent of NIC, Nigerians can make use of theirs PVC.

Similarities Between Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and National Identity Card (NIC)

The way i enumerate above, you should be able to spot out the similarity which is; the both card can be use for identification.

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