Seeking Knowledge For Sustainable Human Development

What you do not know you do not know. What you do not know you can never know until there is a thirst to know. The knowledge you do not pursue you can not possess.

The wealth knowledge possesses is mind blowing. Knowledge has the capability to reform and transform. Knowledge empowers. What you do not know masters over you but the day you know that thing you begin to master over it. Knowledge is an high priced asset. No body settles for materials with less value. Knowledge makes you valuable not just valuable but a high value. You will agree with me that not all asset are sought after by people. Knowledge makes you an asset to be sought after. The level of your knowledge is the weight of your quality in life. The world will never weigh you above what you worth. The world always seek to weigh you less but if what you carry is scarce then you will be a high priced commodity. Knowledge makes up for that. The absence of knowledge produces nuisance and barbarism. Knowledge gives you a voice and also makes you an influencer.


Knowledge is simply an act of knowing. It is an access to depth. Knowledge is the act of refining one’s mind. Knowledge makes you proficient and efficient. Knowledge gives you the power to deliver with excellence. Knowledge gives you exposure and an edge. Knowledge is a key that every high flier must possess. If you want to make marks in life, you must possess knowledge on simple and complex matters. If you want to remain relevant in life you must pay the price for knowledge.

The price for knowledge is learning, relearning and unlearning. If you are not a student of the “LEARNING INSTITUTE” you can not possess knowledge. No one can go far in life without adequate knowledge. No one can do better than what he knows. No one can see beyond his level of knowledge. If you want to remain in control of your life. If you want your gain stature in life you must be knowledgeable. Knowledge equips. Knowledge is needed in all ramifications of your life. When you loose knowledge you loose information and when you are not informed you will be deformed. Deformity makes mockery of your life. It messes you up. Deformity brings delay. Deformity makes you stagnant. Deformity makes you sweat when you ought to be experiencing ease. Deformity will hinder you from producing results.

Deformity is an expression of the absence of knowledge. It is therefore expedient for you to possess knowledge if you want to go far life.

Dear reader now that you know, I hope you will do the needful. Acquire knowledge in areas where you should.