Schools That Are Not Under ASUU 2022

Schooling in Nigeria and has become so very very difficult for many Nigerians especially the poor ones a course that supposed to be a four years course 5-year course 6 years course many Nigerian ends up spending more than what they expected to spend in the higher institution this has become very annoying and it has become a culture in which it happened almost every year in Nigeria.

it has become a norm for the Academy staff union of universities to go on strike whenever the government refused to pay their salary or whenever there is a delay in their payment they easily go to strike in order to fight the government to demand for the are right. and this has affected so many student it has caused delay in career of many Nigerian youths.

And the only schools the average Nigerian could afford are government school and most of the government school, 99% of the government schools in Nigeria are under Academy staff union of universities (ASUU) this is affecting the average Nigerian, though there are a lot of other universities in Nigeria but this universities are very very expensive no average Nigerian could afford to go to any of these universities and the only University available and affordable are state-owned universities.

Nevertheless the purpose of this article is to bring all the universities that are not under ASUU. like I mentioned above 99% of state-owned universities are under Association staff union of universities so it is only one state own universities that is not under this association. So as a Nigerian you can apply and try to gain admission into this university the university is Delta State University they are the only School institution that have tried enough not to be under Association staff of university. At least the common Nigerian will try to move to the school but the problem that might occur is that admission might not be easy in to this school due to the fact that many people will like to go to the school because they are government own institution and it will not be expensive compared to private school so due to this fact the school may not be easy to get.

Not withstanding below are few list of schools, private schools that can be easily get. You can easily get admission into the schools but they are very very expensive so it’s not for the common man so the universities are as follows;

  1. Salem University, Lokoja
  2. Covenant University Ota
  3. American University of Nigeria, Yola
  4. Skyline University, Kano
  5. Crown Hill University Eiyenkorin, Kwara State
  6. Hallmark University
  7. Adeleke University, Ede
  8. Atiba University Oyo
  9. Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences
  10. Skyline University, Kano

Finally these private university might be very very expensive however you cannot compare their quality of education with government institutions. The schools are very fast there is no delay so the school may not be for the Common Man but that does not dispute the fact that the schools are good as well.

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