Mofofayo by Psalmist Nifemi LYRICS

LYRICS: Psalmist Nifemi – Mofófayò (Live)
Mo’fo fayo
(I leaped for joy)
Igba t’on ni nka lo church
(When they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD)
S’adede ni mo ri pe awon Choir ti start to dey praising the Lord
(Suddenly, I realized that the choir had started praising the Lord)

Katowi katofo, Laba fede fo
(Before I knew it, we spoke in tongues)
Miracle ti bere sini dasile
(Miracles had started pouring out)
Your power opo (opo opo)
(Your power is great)

You’re good and kind
Your love is high
Your power is great
We cannot deny
We start to dey dance

Praise na my hobby
I don’t need to dull it
When it comes to the praise of the most high God
I can’t resist it