Making A Man Worthy Of Emulation

I had an exhausting experience lately. I paused and thoroughly looked at what got me exhausted, that day I said to myself “This is the process”. To me the experience was worthwhile because I understood it is part of the process.

The process of a man can not be ruled out if that man wants to attain his full height in life. The process of every man differs. In the process there is a time frame orchestrated for everyone. You will continue to experience frustration if you do not learn to work with your own time frame. You will always be a victim of trial and error if you do not learn to enjoy your own process. Everything has its time and season. Many today want possessions without following the process to acquire it. You will continue to end in the pit if all you do is jumping process. There is no short cut to accessing possessions in life. Any way that has the description of “short way or fast lane” will surely end in hard pain. The short way is always the hard way. It appears short but it cuts glory short.

What is Process?

Process is the making of every man. It is the training ordained for high fliers. Process is the refining season of every man of stature and influence. If you want a beautiful end you must go through the process. Until you bend to the process you can not make marks in life. Until you pass through the process you can not sustain relevance in life. The formula for acquiring the possession you desire is following the process to acquire it. Imagine a man who wants to build a house but refused to build a foundation, is that man not in for a suicide mission? The process is our rescue from suicide because in the process lies every details we need. Process is an equipment phase every pace setter must face.

Dear reader, God is building you. Enjoy the process. Enjoying the process is an attitude of alignment. Alignment is essential if truly you want to reflect God’s glory. When a light is not aligned to its source, it appears dim. If you want a full glory you must enjoy the process.

Ezekiel 1:12-13 There is an instruction for each season, until you yield you can not be empowered for accomplishment.