List of Comedians In Nigeria The Last One Will Shock You

In our society today we cannot forget about the positives impacts of comedy to our health. As doctor often recommend comics video and materials in other to ease stress and anxiety and all of that. Furthermore, we cannot under estimate the contribution of Nigerian comedians in achieving this goals. As many comedians in Nigeria has served as agents development and longevity.

Below are few list of notable comedians in Nigeria, this list might not contains all the talented comedians we have. However, few of them are provided below. If you have some that are not listed on this page, we will be glad if you can drop your contributions via our comment box.

1. Broda Shaggi
His birth name is Samuel Animashaun Perry. Broda Shaggi is actually hails from Delta state, but many would think he is a lagosian. He is a graduate of the University of Lagos from the department of Creative Arts.

2. The NEPA Boys.
These are two young boys, Hussein Mubarak kehinde and Akinyoola Ayoola. The duo comedians are best known for their creativeness, they often act as NEPA (National Electric Power Authority) workers. As Nigerians, we must have experience NEPA issues, this is often like a culture, despite their name have been change to Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

3. Remote
This is another talented comedian, is birth name is Tolulope Olayiwola. He always depicts the character of fake prophet. Mc Remote had features so many top comedians like Woli Agba, Woli Arole and even the Nigerian music minister Yinka Ayefele.

4. Mr. Funny
Also known as Sabinus, his birth name is Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu and he hails from River state. Just as his name suggested, he is very very funny. He is the only Nigerian comedian i have noticed that he never use any necked girl in his comics. Of recent, he had a serious argument with a popular celebrity name Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju popularly known s ‘Bobrisky’.

5. Mr. Macaroni
In my opinion, if you are looking for comedies with fine girls, good looking girl, you will surely find them in Mr Macaroni’s comics videos. His birth name is Debo Adedayo and he is best known as Mr Macaroni or Dady wa. During the ENDSARS protest he was one of the celebrities present at the protest ground, in fact he was arrested, thank nothing bad actually happened to him in detention.

6. Josh2funny
This many is a special comedian, he is very unique in the ways he cracks jocks. He usually demonstrates his talents via music comedy. He was featured during the recently concluded Fearless 2022 by gospel music minister Tim Godfrey. His real name is Josh Alfred also known as Madam Felicia.

7. Kenny Blaq
Otolorin Kehinde Peter popularly known as Kenny Black was born in 1992. He is very talented. Mr Kenny Black loves showing his talents via melodies by making funny of popular songs of celebrities both Nigerian songs and foreign songs.

8. Zic Saloma
According to some online sources Zic Saloma who real name is Aloma Isaac Junior was actually a lecturer before he became a full time comedian. He is best known for acting as a typical Nigerian mother. His comdies are always funny, i bet, you can’t keep calm watching his comedy videos.

9. Woli Agba
Here is another character of a typical Nigerian prophet or pastor. His real name is Ayo Ajewole Ayobami Kunle. He often do his comedy with his mother tongue (Yoruba Language). Woli Agba also has another character, acting as his son. Mr Ayo often depicts as a man of God featuring another group of people as church members. He as features characters like Woli Arole, MC Remote and many actors.

10. Mark Angel
Mr. Mark Angel is the founder and leader of MarkAngelComedy. He is a native of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Even if you’re not a fan of comedy, you must have heard of his comedy. He is very popular and he often features his cousin Emmanuella Samuel in most of his comedy.

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