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Light Of Dominion by DRM Kids and YLJ Lyrics


Light Of Dominion by DRM Kids and YLJ Lyrics

Verse 1:
Two thousand and twenty-two
Light of Dominion
Shine it all out
That is my opinion

Genesis 1 verse 28
God shows me all
I’ve been allowed to dominate
The fish of the sea

The birds of the air
Every creeping living thing on the earth
Oh oh
Been without a problem

Devil can’t be near me
Jesus is my fortress
Show ’em
Lovely, ever so enduring

That’s the God inside me
Pain all around my body
He Heal ’em
Mountains crumble at the sound of my voice

Jesus’s name gives me hope to rejoice
Authority is given
Just to know the how
If you want to dominate

It’s time to start now!

We dominate by the blood of the lamb,
And take over by the words of our testimonies,
Having controls by our words declarations,
That’s who we are and we are gods. (2x)

Verse 2a:
We sing to the Lord with a high voice
A high voice, a high voice
We dance to the Lord with some new steps
Some new steps, some new steps.

For his good and his merciful
Always ever faithful
Never will he fail us

Verse 2b:
Yea yea yea so we dominate
We elevate
We germinate
Like righteous seeds

Drm Kids spreading the Gospel live down & overseas
Papa God na father
So we no go fit to para
His always taking us higher

Higher & higher & higher

End Loop:
Yea we dominate over the whole earth.
Over the whole earth.