Lay Hold Of Him To Prove His Existence In Your Life

Now imagine your name is “Favor” and your friend or some random person asked “Are you sure your name is Favor”. What crosses your mind at first is “What a Stupid Question”. And then a lot begins to travel through your own mind.

I find myself in the same situation when I hear people question the existence of God. A song writer once justify the argument of God’s existence he said “if anyone ask if God exist show them your life“. Yes, our existence as human being justifies the existence of God. Have you thought about what sustains your breathe. Have you thought about what helps your system to function? Have you thought about the mystery behind your sleeping and waking up? Have you thought about the mystery behind you coming to this world? Oh! You actually thought your existence is just a biology? Only fools doubt proofs. There are innumerable evidences that points to the existence of God. If you travel through the story of creation you will be able to comprehend His Divinity. The existence of our God is not a topic for debate.

We have heard a lot of testimonies of how God Himself proved His existence. Even as individuals we have tasted Him. Now the question is if God truly exist and we believe why are we still doubtful. In cases where we needed His intervention and we are denied we take it as a sign that He does not exist. But you look thoroughly is there any gods heard so far in history is as real as God? Ancient historians gives us Chronicles of each gods but as times goes on another historian will emerge with another story about that same god, leaving the people to confusion. Hey! If you have been following closely have you seen how accurate and lucid the history of God has been?

Instead of asking stupid question why not lay hold of Him to prove His existence in your life. Do you know that until your life complements your faith men will continue to question your faith? You must get to a point where you do not need to announce to people before they know your God. A lot of people can read your life and tell whose you are. If at this point of your life people are still questioning your faith then you must brace up. The question of God’s existence is not a rhetorical question for those who are doubtful.