Knowing The Task Master Of Your Life

Have you read the story of the children of Israel when they were in Egypt? Did you digest how they were oppressed by their task master? Now, have you ever meditate on the significance of a task master in your life?


A task master is a person assigned to supervise his subject through a tedious or difficult work. A task master is planted into the life of his subject to make life difficult for hi (His subject). A task master ensures his subject undertakes the tedious task without any external aid. A task master always ensure his subject do not rest or have any pleasure. A task master denies his subject from seeing light. A task master denies his subject from seeing a glimpse of hope. A task master always impose impossible duty on his subject. A task master oppresses his subject. A task master places huge burden on his subject. A task master stands as a sworn enemy of his subject. A task master stands as an impossible mountain to climb or pass over. A task master will always hinder his subject from progressing or becoming great. A task master blind folds the sight of his subject. A task master always cheat his subject. A task master takes away the freedom of his subject. A task master robs his subject of his right and inheritance.

Who is your task master?

Many today are under the siege of negative thought pattern. We have bombarded our lives with so much negativity that we rarely see any possibility of a better life. We have our eyes singled on damnation and catastrophe. We see no good about our lives. We are either scared of losing something or someone. We are either scared of the next calamity or doom that we have programed our mind to believe it will come someday. Negative thought pattern was instrumental towards Job’s ruin. His negative thought pattern was his own edge that gave the devil access into his life.

Many today are prey to sin and secrecy. We have successfully covered a lot of atrocity but we are now living with the consequence. The evil we did yesterday is now catching up with us. We are been eaten up by the wreck we caused others secretly. We thought we could get away with it so we were not careful enough to trend. We thought no one will discover so we enjoyed the pleasure of that moment which is now bringing pressure on us.

Many today are in the web of low self-esteem. We have short sighted our future because we were told we are not smart or brilliant enough to do what we envision. We feel so low of ourselves because we have been abused, rejected and abandoned. Have you forgotten that the Bible says “The rejected stone is the chief corner Stone”

Many today are under the siege of seduction. They do not regard any authority neither do they understand the art of obedience.

Many today practice witchcraft. The mischef they conceive is so terrifying that their destinies are implicated by their own mischef. Have you forgotten that who so ever digs a pit falls into it.

Many times we have allowed our task master to go far in oppressing and frustrating us. We have made ourselves so vulnerable and pathetic. Look at your life, for how long has this task master being ruling you? Look at your life, can you see how much havoc and loss this task master have caused you. You ought to have gone far in life. You should be better than this. You should have achieved more and you should have gone far in life.

Are you ready to gain your freedom? I have good news for you. Your freedom have been paid for. Your redemption has been settled long before you became a prey to your task master.

How do you access your freedom?

Jeremiah 33:3 still remains potent. This was what the children of Israel applied to access their freedom. Until you cry out your voice can not be heard. Until you pray you continue to be a prey. Your life will continue to be a table tennis game for the devil until you arise and fight him.

Until you give a different approach towards your task master you can never be free. 1corinthians 16:9, Ephesians 6:11-18.