Jesus Igwe by Madam Titi Worldwide Lyrics

Jesus Igwe by Madam Titi Worldwide Lyrics

Intro (Chant):
I went on a journey
To a faraway place
I saw people gathering
People we running to and fro
I saw a little boy
I asked him a question
And the little boy said to me
Have you not heard?
It’s the king of kings
The prince of peace
The lord of Lords
Then I looked around
Everyone bowed and worship
Then I asked myself a question
If a mortal man
And a mortal woman like me
And everyone could bow and worship
How great is Jesus?
How precious is he?
The king of kings
The prince of peace
The Lord of lords
And then I lift up my eyes
And I see a man sitted on a throne
He was wearing the garment of righteousness
And I kneel and bow before his throne.
Then I call on him
Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!!
Igwe, Igwe, onye oh
onye oh onye oh onyeluwa

Solo 1:
Jesus Igwe, Igwe
Jesus Igwe, Igwe 6x
Unchangeable Igwe
Dependable Igwe
Reliable Igwe
Talk and do Igwe
The I am that I am Igwe
Igwe, Igwe, Igwe Igwe

Oluwa awon oluwa (The Lord of lords)
Oba awon oba (King of kings)
Olorun awon olorun (The God of gods)
Kabiyeesi (The King)
Olodumare (The Almighty)
Arugbo ojo (Ancient of days)
Olorun ti o yipada (Unchanging God)
Olorun kan lailai,(The only God)
Ikan loni, (Same today)
Okan titi aye ainipekun, (The same forever)
Owibee sebee, (He that Speaks and Acts)
Awimayehun, (He who Speaks and does not change His words)
Oyigiyigi, (Great and Mighty)
Alagbawi eda,(Defender)
Alagbada ina, (He that covers Himself with fire branded
Alaabo, (Our keeper)
Oluso, (Our guard)
Olupamo,(Our keeper)
Oludande,(Our deliverer)
Olugbala,(Our saviour)
Olutusile,(God of freedom)
Oludariji,(Our forgiver)

Ebube dike (the mighty and the glorious one)
Eze Ndi Eze (Kings of kings)
Odogwu Akataka (fearless warrior)
Echeta Scherzo (He that takes away every pain and worry)
Ejide Obi Esike(My confidence)
Obata Obie (He that ends every trouble)
Di Nwanyi Isi Mpe (Husband of the widow)
Ikuku Amanoyo (unquenchable fire)
Dike Na’gha (mighty warrior)
Chi ne cherem (the God that thinks for me)
Ekwueme (He does what he says)
Okechi (Great God)
Ogaranya Nga Danya(the wealthiest)
Obata Ulo Adi ima (the peacemaker
Oke mmuo(Great spirit)
Ome Okachie(he says and does the final)
Oke mmuo(Great spirit)
Ome Okachie(he says and does the final)
Chukwu MA mee(God that knows me)
Chinaza ekpere (God that answers prayers)
Oke Chineke(big God)
Olu ebube(glorious God)
Eze ifeoma (King of Fortune)
Chukwu ma n’pan(God who knows all my problems)

Jehovah Nissi
Master Jesus
Mighty father.
Mighty in battle
Mighty warrior
Father of the fatherless
Husband of the widows
Your majesty.
Holy father
Dependable God