Dide Oluwa by Bose Adekunle Lyrics

Dide Oluwa by Bose Adekunle Lyrics

Call: Arise oh Lord, arise
Arise oh Lord and help us
We are overwhelmed
by this matters
Resp: Please, do not forsake us

Arise oh Lord arise
Arise and fight our Course
This matter has overburdened us
Resp: please do not abandon us

Whom do we have in heaven and on earth?
It is only You.
Whom should we run to?
It is only You, the All In Mighty.
It is enough! The suffering is enough!

It is enough! The bloodshed is enough
It is enough! The killing is enough
It is enough! The hardship is enough
It is enough! This self centeredness is enough

It is enough! War outside, Fear within is enough
Arise and fight for us.
This matter has left us dumbfounded
All: Please do not forsake us.

Arise oh Lord into battle
Arise oh Lord, the man of war
Arise the powerful one
Arise my(our) God and rescue my (our) soul)2ce

Please don’t stop praying)2ce
Prayer brings down God’s potency to solve all crisis of life Please pray.

If you are trusting God for a suitable
life partner, please pray
After God has granted your desire, don’t stop prayer.
If you are looking to God for godly children, please pray

After God has released them to you,
keep on praying for them
If you desire a goodly mansion, please pray
After God has built it for you, don’t stop prayer

Wherever you are on this earth,
please do not quit praying Continue to pray.
Pray away evil and pray until the goodness of God come into establishment.

Because We are wrestling against principalities and powers in the dark places of the world.
Prayer is required in both pleasant and unpleasant situations

Please pray, Don’t stop praying
You are at the edge of your breakthrough, please pray.
Prayer is a continuous exercise
Don’t stop praying