Can The Excitement Of Roller Coaster Be Compared To Our Investment In This kingdom?

Have you ever taken a ride on a roller coaster? What was your experience like? To me a roller coaster sounds like fun. And as the case is, everyone wants fun. Now, is there any comparison between a roller coaster and our investment in this kingdom?

A lot of us are so relax when handling matters that relates to our spiritual growth. We attend conferences, retreat and loaded program but at the end of it all we realize that there is no change in our spiritual lives and then we begin to doubt the manifestations and words of knowledge received during the program.

Dear reader, the problem is not with the atmosphere you went to, the problem lies within you. Firstly, how much have you invested into your spiritual life that you are expecting so much from? Planting a cup of rice and expecting tons of rice makes you a thief. Many of us are spiritual loathers, we invest few hours on our word study and prayer altar and yet expect an explosion in our spiritual lives. In this kingdom, you can not access heights beyond your height. You can not make command beyond the level of authority that you have. Your access to statue and status in this Kingdom is at the mercy of how long you spend with God personally. What implicates your spiritual life is the tenacity applied after each encounter and not the energy involved in accessing the encounter. This kingdom is not for babies neither is it for the lazy. There is a price to pay to rise in this Kingdom. “CONSISTENCY” is the name of the price to pay. If you want to grow in this Kingdom you must maintain high level of consistency in walking with God. Making your self a switch will only attract stitches in the spirit instead of riches in the spirit.

Romans 8:35 questions our intentions with God especially when we are in difficult times. This is significant because many of us only maintain a good relationship with God when things are going according to our plan. On the other hand many have made themselves too busy to attend to their personal communion with God. That is why you claim to go for conferences without any tangible evidence afterwards. The price to pay is not meant to be a public show. It is a personal affair between you and God. The revival you seek is not in any conference alone, it is also in your consistency to continue from where you stopped at the conference.

Dear reader, it is high time you brace up. Take charge and build capacity. You can not get from this kingdom what you have not sown into it. You can not grow beyond how you groan. You might camouflage under the cooperate anointing available in conferences but you yourself know that your standing is shaking.

The Holy spirit is a force that brings ease on our prayer altar but the Holy spirit can not be responsive until we are responsible. Our responsibility is in consistency. And consistency is built by being intentional. Have you ever noticed the result you produce when you are intentional towards achieving something? You need to apply the same tenacity to your spiritual growth. You can not grow until you grow up to be responsible.