Being Rooted And Grounded In God

When you here the word “Root” what rings in your mind is a seed in the soil. When a seed is thoroughly rooted no one will doubt it fruitfulness. Our lives is like a seed and God is our soil until we are rooted in Him we can never bare fruit. Before a seed can become a full tree there is a process attached to it and if the seed is prematurely uprooted the seed dies. The stages of a seed becoming a tree is very significant to our lives: the tree has various branches, stem, leaves and flowers. Also our lives has various faces: the academic, career, marital, finances, spiritual and other areas. Many times we question why these areas are not bearing fruit, we wonder why we put in so much effort into a cause with no result. We some how accuse the systems of the world forgetting who created us.

Many of us today are engrossed with activities that has no root in God. We make decisions without asking God, we just expect Him to crown us. We sometimes get carried away with religious activities leaving the most important part “being rooted”. We do not grow with God we just hope God will catch up as we are growing on our own and yet we expect our lives to bear fruit.

The standing of a tree points how strong the root is. Your placement in life is a proof of your root in God. When we are in tune with God our live adds value and taste. When we are sincerely rooted in God our life become a pointer to His Kingdom. We are not permitted to produce lesser than our God. We have what it takes to produce just like God. God will not give out His pearl to swine’s. He so much cherish everything He has and will not share with anyone who is not ready to abide with Him.

Many times people question our link with God. Our lives is filled with “but” and “question mark” because we are not yet rooted in God. Many gave God their lives but they take it back immediately. Our character, dress and choice of words must be rooted in God. Before a seed can be called a root, it must have gone through series of events, seasons and time. Being rooted in God is having God as our sure foundation. When you are rooted in God, He becomes the essence of your existence and when God is the essence of your existence your life will not lack taste and meaning.

Having root in God starts with a desire to abide in and with Him. It takes a diligent work with God to have root in Him. Enough of the negligence towards our walk with God, it is high time we stay rooted in Him. We must be determined to remain with God. Being rooted in God is staying with God. If you are rooted in Him it will show. Romans 8:16-39.