APC And Their Muslim Muslim Ticket For Presidential Candidates

Hello beautiful people welcome back to our blog thank you for always be sitting up to check on our articles today episode we going to talk about the APC and their Muslim Muslim ticket for the presidential candidates and first of all I want to let us know that this is not the first time APC will be having this kind of issue. In 2015 when president buhari was given the presidential ticket this kind of issue was also in place as at then.

in 2015 Asiwaju Bola Tinibu wanted to become the vice president you wanted to become president Buhari running mate and President Buhari understand that, it is not okay for a Muslim Muslim to govern Nigerian it will be a disgrace, it will be a slapped on the Christian Faith for them not to have a Christian as the vice-president so this was what happened between president Muhammadu Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

This was an issue which gave them tough time to decide. its causes arguments between Bola Tinubu and President Muhammadu Buhari and other APC member before they finally agreed to picked vice president Yemi osibanjo. according to around on WhatsApp message this was what actually happened however in some recent public speech by Bola Tinubu he claimed that he was the one that picked proffesssor Yemi Osibanjo to be the vice president. Anyhow the case maybe there was argument for them to get a vice president at some point and professor Yemi osibanjo was recommended.

Now in 2022 the same issue is happening again concerning picking a Christian or a Muslim as the All Progressive Congress running mate for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. according to some Nigerians the APC needs to get a Christian from the North as the vice president if not the APC would not get any vote from the Christian and some Muslim as well are agitating for the APC to get a Muslim as their vice president if not they will not vote for the APC because according to them bola tinubu is an old man and at any point in time he might passed away so they cannot risk for a Christian to be the president if bola tinubu eventually passed away according to them Tinubu is not hundred percent ok is not healthy and they would not want a Christian especially from the North to take over and a Christian from the East because they consider these are a dangerous mission against the Islamic religion.

Whatever the case may be the all progressive congress have finally picked a running mate for bola tinubu from the North a brother to the governor of katsina state so that’s final and they consider this as a wise decision because it is only a Muslim from the North that can give the APC the kind of boots they need maybe save picked Kabiru Massari.

Many Nigerian activist and citizens have spoken about this scenario of the all progressives Congress political party some say that this decision is not ok is not good at all as this is a segregation of the Christian in Nigeria that the APC should have taking someone from the North that is a Christian because this will not be a sidelined of any group of religion or people in Nigeria both Christian and Muslims have condemned the act.

However there are some people as well that are in support of this Moved by The APC to some the are trying to protect their religion while some are agitating for a true development, according to them if Nigeria will be better, if Nigeria will developed beyond our current situation to a better situation Muslim Muslim ticket is not a bad thing.

So I want you to drop your comment below and let us know what do you think about the Muslim Muslim ticket that the APC have given, is it okay? how is it going to affect the all progressive Congress political party please drop your comment below thanks.

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