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Alewilese by MojiSouls Lyrics


Alewilese by MojiSouls Lyrics

We come to You,
We lavish our love on You,
We bow to You, pouring out our hearts,
Our praise goes up, Your love comes to fill our hearts (2x)

Alewilese, wa dabira l’ arin wa (The One who says and does it, do your wonders in our midst) (2x)
Eledumare (Creator of everything) fill our hearts (2x).
From the rising of the sun, to the going of the same, Your word is true.
When You say a thing it comes to pass.

No one can stand your Word, Your Word is true
Alewilese, Aleselewi, talk and do, that is Your name.
KabiO osi, unquestionable God, what You say, that’s what You will do

Chorus till fade.